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  1. Bullet“Dear Prospective Parents,
            My name is Caroline Boag and I am currently twenty-two years old.  In third grade, due to my auditory processing disorder, communications disorder, attention deficit disorder, and inability to be successful in a traditional public school, I began attending Edison Academy.  During my early elementary school education I quickly became frustrated, suffered from constant feelings of anxiety, failure, and lack of confidence in my ability to learn.  However, Edison Academy changed all of that.  The staff, who specialize in special education, literally changed my life forever.  They had patience, dedication, and the ability to make an enormous impact on small child’s life.  They taught me skills to be successful in learning and brought my confidence back.  I am writing this letter to express the impact Edison Academy had on my life and to hopefully help you decide whether it is worth sending your child there.
            On May 18th, 2012 I graduated summa cum laude from San Diego State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences.  I was awarded the title of Outstanding student of the College of Health and Human Services, which is an award given to the student with highest grade point average in the entire college.  I graduated from college with a 4.0 major GPA and a 3.91 overall GPA.  Starting this fall I will be returning to San Diego State University to begin their Speech Language Pathology masters program, which is ranked first in the state of California and twenty-fifth in the nation.
            While preparing to write my letters of intent for my graduate school applications, I was at a loss as to what my greatest characteristic was, so I asked my friends and family.  I was surprised how many people responded that it is my innate belief in myself.  I was surprised because anyone who knew me before I attended Edison Academy wouldn’t have believed that little girl had any belief in herself.  I used to hate going to school, I would always come home crying.  The embarrassment that comes from being the worst reader in the class, or getting back class work with a low score, and the constant anxiety and fear that I would feel at school are confidence killers that I wouldn’t wish on any child.  Teasing was also an issue for me when I was younger.  Looking back, I realized that it wasn’t that I was teased more than my classmates when I was younger, although it felt like I was, but rather that I was more sensitive to the bullying.  My test scores may not have reflected it , but I was a smart enough kid to know that I was doing poorly in school and therefore took being called stupid and other names personally.  While teachers try to protect children from bullies, public school class sizes are so large that they cannot protect their students from being bullied all the time.  I remember that I always hated recess because during that time I didn’t have a teacher to protect me from my classmates teasing and rude comments.  Thanks to my parents sending me to Edison Academy the emotional scarring I have from those early school years is not as severe as it would have been if I wasn’t moved to Edison Academy.  Putting me in a situation where I was surrounded by kids who also had learning disabilities helped me realize I wasn’t worth less that my old classmates.  For the first time I was surrounded by kids who were just like me and my feelings of anxiety and fear slowly began to melt away, making it easier to learn.  I slowly began to believe in myself more and more.  When I describe my time at Edison Academy to people, they frequently tell me that I am making it sound like a utopia.  I tell them it was.  If it weren’t for Edison Academy I would not have this innate belief in myself that many consider my greatest strength.
    Edison Academy provided me with a safe environment where I got one on one attention and felt special.  My teacher made me feel like I was worth something, like I was worth her time and effort.  She taught me skills and strategies to help me succeed in public school, which I still use to this day.  Edison gave me inner strength.
            I know choosing to send you child to Edison Academy is a big decision.  That is why I am writing this letter.  Over the past two years I have found myself constantly reflecting back on my elementary school years during my classes about adolescent development and as a result I found myself constantly reminded that I wouldn’t be where I am today, even more importantly I wouldn’t be the woman I am today, if it weren’t for Edison Academy.”

  2. Caroline Boag

  3. BulletHi Paul, just a note to tell you about my kids’ successes…Kristin has now opted to complete her Internal Medicine Residency at Loma Linda University Hospital Medical Center and pursue Infectious Diseases. Matthew is finishing his first year of medical school at Sidney Kimmel Medical School which used to be Thomas Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia – my alma mater. He graduated #1 in his class from UC Santa Cruz with a 4.0 and Kristin graduated with a 3.986 (one B+)… Since they both started at Edison – I would say they are success stories and I am so proud of them. As I told you before…I tell everyone, it’s because of their beginning education at Edison and REA and of course you and Linda! Love,

  4. Donna Carr

  5. Bullet“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”
    Albert Einstein

  6. “There are no words to express the gratitude and love I feel when I think about REA. But, I will give it the old college try. At REA, my son has fostered a love of learning, and that is everything he will ever need to be a success in life. I credit his joy to his daily experiences at REA, whether it be coming to life as Henry Ford, or writing a ‘How to Climb a Tree’ book. The bottom line is when he wakes up in the morning, he wants to go REA, and when he comes home he is happy. I wish every child could have the opportunity to grow at REA the way my son has. Thank you for letting me express my gratitude, and share my appreciation.”

  7. T. Black, Parent

  8. Bullet“I attended this school 20 years ago. It has been there for me since I was a child beginning my journey of an extremely fulfilling education. When it came time in my life to decide how to launch my daughter on her path of education, I could think of no better environment to satisfy her talents and abilities than Rancho Encinitas Academy.”

  9. S. Kazma-Pierro, Parent

  10. Bullet“Our daughter has been a part of the REA/Edison schools for the last 3 years.  We have seen tremendous gains in her self-esteem and academic progress.  The small class size, personalized instruction and project-based curriculum has allowed her to progress, especially in reading.  The calming environment, with the lovely shade trees and birds, makes for a peaceful surrounding conducive to learning.  The curriculum, which includes music, art, physical education, yoga, and social skills, has been very beneficial to her overall growth and development.  And the many field trips allow her and her classmates to have even more fun and learn in new environments.  We are very pleased with our decision to bring our daughter to this school.”

  11. J. & B. Solowiej, Parents

  12. Bullet“After years of watching our son struggle in school settings that were simply not set up to support his needs, it was with a profound sense of relief to discover Edison Academy. In this small, picturesque setting, we found a school with teachers trained to lower his anxiety levels (not only his!) and provide him with individualized learning strategies. With a manageable workload, he was able to learn to work independently. And, he not only learned, he thrived. His teachers nurtured his strengths, yet deftly kept him moving forward in the areas in which he was challenged. He needed some victories and he found them here! We are so grateful.”

  13. R. O’Connor, Parent

  14. Bullet“Edison Academy has been a game-changer for our son.  As is common among children with ADHD, he also struggles with several other learning differences.  The support we were getting from our local public school amounted to a few hours a week of being pulled out from his ‘regular’ class of 30+ kids to get some additional tutoring in math.  He was falling further and further behind both academically and socially.  He came home from school saying things like, ‘I have math with the dumb kids.’  It broke our hearts.  Although we were worried about the financial and logistical challenges of moving him to a private school, the program at Edison has been completely worth the extra effort.  He is now in a small classroom with teachers who are specially trained in helping ‘non-conforming’ students.  He has so much more confidence now - the teachers and staff at Edison are helping him to see that he really is one of the ‘smart kids.’  We are so grateful to have access to this wonderful program.”

  15. A. Reynoso, Parent

  16. Bullet“Transferring our two sons from public school to Rancho Encinitas Academy was the best decision for our family. We could not be happier with the education our sons are receiving as well as the environment and overall campus atmosphere at REA. Our children are getting individualized instruction, being appropriately challenged academically, and therefore have gained confidence in both their social and academic skills. The teachers and teaching assistants have been excellent and communication has been open and responsive. One of the most remarkable aspects of this school is how integrated the teaching of academics is with the very important lessons of organization, study skills, responsibility and respecting others. The school has managed to create a campus-wide atmosphere that eliminates the chaos that exists in the public school system (and many other private schools, as well); what you are left with is a peaceful, nurturing environment that gives your child the space to learn and grow. We look forward to many future years at REA and will be sending our third child as soon as she is ready for kindergarten!”

  17. K. Bell, Parent

  18. Bullet“As parents of a student who excels academically but struggles socially, we had a difficult time deciding what to do in terms of finding an educational environment that appropriately met our needs. Our local public school was simply too crowded for our son and created a lot of anxiety for him, while the administration couldn’t do much for him in terms of services since he was academically at or above grade level. We spent the better part of his second grade year turning North County upside down trying to find the best possible school environment for him — somewhere with a small student to teacher ratio where his needs wouldn’t be overlooked and where we could feel comfortable. No matter how many schools we looked at, all roads seemed to point to REA/Edison.

  19. Now, as our son is finishing his third year at the school, we’re still amazed at the contrast between his experience here and at public school. No longer do we have battles about having to go to school in the mornings nor long days spent worrying how he is doing at school. The mixed grade combo classes and smaller class sizes at REA/Edison allow him to move ahead in subjects he does well in and get any extra help he needs in those subjects that are more of a challenge. An added bonus: the school’s small size helps create a community environment that extends throughout the student body into their families. This atmosphere has been instrumental for us as a family — especially after feeling swallowed up by the crowd at larger schools — and is likely the reason our daughter, who started kindergarten at REA this year, practically begged us to let her go to her brother’s school, even though many of her neighborhood and preschool friends were headed to our local public school.

  20. While our daughter may not experience the same social challenges that her brother does, we have no doubt that this unique environment has been instrumental in her academic and emotional growth this year. With REA’s small class sizes and more individualized pacing, she’s learned a lot this year, made some great friends and gained a huge amount of self confidence! When your kids are performing well in school and love going, what more can you really ask for?”

  21. A. & M. Schneider, Parents

  22. Bullet“The small classroom environment and compassionate teachers and staff seemed a perfect fit for Michael. He attended Edison for two years, and transitioned to Rancho Encinitas Academy through 8th grade. The school’s positive learning approach was instrumental in establishing his confidence, organizational skills, and developing independent learning skills. The school also offered a wide range of enrichment activities such as music, art, drama, yearbook and technology.”

  23. Bullet“After graduating from REA, my daughter has maintained a 4.0 GPA overall with a 4.25 in most terms, taking several AP courses. She has also been a member of the Digital & Fine Arts Conservatory where she has really developed as an artist.  She would not have been able to accomplish all that she has scholastically, artistically or personally without the foundation she was given at Rancho Encinitas Academy. REA instilled a passion for learning and growing. At REA, she was also given the opportunity to discover her creativity and blossom as an artist-a passion she treasures. But the most important quality that she took from REA was self-motivation. I see this not only in her time management of schoolwork, but also in her commitment to her friendships, work ethic and community involvement. She has become such a well-rounded, conscientious individual and much of that we attribute to the foundations built at REA.”

  24. Bullet“My son’s time at REA was very beneficial, especially the focus on organizational skills and the freedom in learning, which I think became part of his foundation and helped him do well thereafter in different aspects of his life.”

  25. Bullet“We are truly blessed to have found you and your wonderful school. It feels incredibly wonderful to know my children are happy at school and enjoy learning. Thank you for creating a safe place where all children learn and can grow into the best versions of themselves.”

  26. Bullet“My daughter was diagnosed at age five as having a severe fine-motor difficulty and ADD. The hospital that tested her said that she would likely never have any academic success and would never be able to attend college in the future. They could only see her problems, whereas Linda saw her true potential. She is now a pre-med student and would like to specialize in Ophthalmology. I feel that the confident, accomplished woman she has become is due to the social, educational framework that was laid at Edison and Rancho Encinitas Academy.”

  27. BulletMy son attended Edison Academy and then transitioned into Rancho Encinitas Academy. He plans to pursue a career in medicine. I don’t know where my child would be, had it not been for the great social and educational skills that were fostered at Edison/REA.”

  28. Bullet“My son really needed your school….he was just not doing well in public school and was constantly picked on. Edison turned him around, gave him room to breathe and helped him recover self-esteem.”

  29. Bullet“My daughter’s time at Edison helped her realize her worth and to search for her own talent. She will soon be graduating from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandizing in Los Angeles.”

  30. Bullet“It is hard to express how much our family benefited from our positive experience at Edison Academy…the public school did not have the resources or ability to deal effectively with my son’s learning differences.”

  31. Bullet“As her mother, I was very happy to have my daughter there, not only for her to learn the skills to cope with her learning disabilities and to succeed in school, but to have her in an emotionally safe environment. She is a very independent, organized and disciplined student. Those are skills that you teach at Edison Academy. I am thankful that I pulled her out of public school and put her at Edison when I did. She learned a lot of lessons there, one of them was how to embrace her differences and use them as an advantage. Thank you for providing very fond memories during her period at Edison Academy and helping her get on the road to educational excellence.”  

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