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Edison Academy was established in 1990 by Linda Wulle, its creator and founding Director.

Linda had worked with students with learning disabilities as a Special Educator in the public schools for about twenty years. After leaving the public school system, she launched Dynamic Learning in 1987, a very successful educational therapy practice in North San Diego County. She discovered undeveloped potential in these students whose basic educational needs fell far short of their potential to succeed. During this time, Linda was invited to create an educational therapy program for UCSD Extension.

Linda opened the Edison Academy, a one-room school with eight students. In subsequent years, the school grew rapidly, serving students with mild to moderate learning disabilities. Linda named the school Edison Academy because she was so inspired by the story of Thomas Edison, who as a student struggled to fit into the school system. Edison had a highly individualized style of acquiring knowledge. He had a curious, inquiring mind that perceived learning as an adventure. As an adult, Edison was a successful innovator and inventor.

Edison Academy, which spans grades 3 through 8, was located at a unique school site on Rancho Santa Fe Road. The natural, relaxed environment reflected Linda’s philosophy of a place conducive to the development of a well rounded student. It had aviaries, bunny hutches and a school mascot, Eddie or Edison, an iguana.

Having accomplished one task, Linda had the vision to launch a regular private school, where Edison Academy students could be mainstreamed. This school is the Rancho Encinitas Academy, which was started in 1995, on the site that was previously a nursery. Her husband Paul Wulle, a teacher of many years, joined her to become co-Director of the Rancho Encinitas Academy. In 2002, the Edison Academy was moved to the new school site so that both programs could be under her watchful, creative eye. The Edison Academy merged with the private school, Rancho Encinitas Academy. Today, the Edison Academy is a school within a school.

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The Linda J. Wulle
Memorial Scholarship Fund

In memory of Linda Wulle, founding director
Rancho Encinitas & Edison Academy

Linda was a truly exceptional person and teacher. From a very early age, she knew that she wanted to help students who had difficulty with learning. She knew that there was a way to reach everyone, and her mission was to find that way. In the many years of teaching, she touched the lives of many students who would otherwise have been unsuccessful at school. Many parents over the years have commented that Linda “changed their lives” through her philosophy of learning.

One of Linda’s dreams was to establish a scholarship fund that would help needy students pay for private and specialized education. Providing quality education is expensive especially given our exemplary teacher-student ratio. Since the school receives no tax dollar funding or grants it relies solely upon tuition to fulfill its mandate. Your donation therefore makes a difference in the life of a student who is struggling in school but who cannot afford a specialized education.

To help make Linda’s dream a reality, please contribute to the Linda Wulle Memorial Scholarship Fund. Your generous tax-deductible donation is greatly appreciated. Please make the check payable to Linda Wulle Memorial Scholarship Fund and mail it to:

Rancho Encinitas Academy
270F N. El Camino Real #382
Encinitas, CA 92024

Rancho Encinitas Academy League Federal Tax ID Number: 33-0960085


Linda Wulle
Founding Director,
Rancho Encinitas & Edison Academy

January 9, 1947 - July 24, 2009

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