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Why choose Rancho Encinitas Academy (REA)?

Rancho Encinitas Academy has a unique learning program which fosters the love of learning and academic excellence in a relaxed, nurturing and peaceful environment. Strategic, research-based instruction, accompanied by study skills, critical thinking skills, and problem solving skills are incorporated into each school day. Technology is routinely integrated into the curriculum.

Is REA an accredited institution of learning?

REA is accredited by the National Private Schools Accreditation Alliance.

What qualifications do the REA teachers have?

The teachers have a master’s degree and/or are credentialed in regular education.

What grades does REA serve?

REA serves students from Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 8, in multi-level classrooms. The Pre K –Kindergarten, grades 1 and 2, grades 3 and 4, grades 5 and 6, grades 7 and 8 are combination classes. 

What is the student-teacher ratio at REA?

It is 10 to 1. There are a maximum of 20 students in a REA class with one teacher and one full-time teaching assistant.

What kind of student does the Rancho Encinitas Academy serve?

The students are average to above average in their intellectual abilities.

Does REA follow the Common Core standards?

Yes, REA teachers align their curriculum with the Common Core Standards recommendations.

When students graduate from 8th grade, which schools do REA students transition to?

Our goal is to create independent thinkers and students who are confident in their academic abilities. In keeping with this goal, our students are able to successfully transition to public and private high schools.  Alumni of REA have been accepted to colleges and universities across the nation.

Why choose Edison Academy?

Edison Academy offers individualized and small group learning in a small classroom setting led by experienced special education teachers. The program is based on the individual educational needs of each student. Students are integrated into the mainstream Rancho Encinitas Academy through social activities, community service projects, and field trips. Edison students participate in art, PE and music with the students from their sister school. The natural learning environment is serene and relaxed, and is conducive to learning without stress. One of the advantages of having a school within a school is that a seamless transition can take place between Edison Academy and Rancho Encinitas Academy. Edison Academy students are transitioned to the REA classes when they are academically ready to join their peers. Technology is an integral part of the curriculum.

Is Edison Academy an accredited institution of learning?

Edison Academy has been in existence since 1991. It is accredited by the National Private Schools Accreditation Alliance.

What qualifications do the Edison teachers have?

Edison Academy teachers hold teaching credentials authorizing them to work as educational specialists and/or Master’s degrees in Special Education. Our teachers have training and experience on how to plan and implement instruction in the areas of reading, writing, math and core subjects for students who have learning disabilities, attention and processing challenges, as well as students who have anxiety and mild social difficulties which affect their confidence and ability to learn.

What grades does Edison Academy serve?

Edison Academy serves students from grades 3 through 8.

What is the student-teacher ratio at Edison?

It is 7.5 to 1 -  there are a maximum of 15 students in an Edison Academy class with one teacher and one full-time teaching assistant.

Does the Edison Academy follow the Common Core Curriculum recommendations?

Yes, our curriculum follows the Common Core Standards.

What kind of student does the Edison Academy serve?

Edison students are all average to above average with mild to moderate learning disabilities.

What is the Edison homework policy?

Teachers design and assign homework which is meant to reinforce concepts and ideas being learned in class. It is intended as practice, and should not be anxiety provoking, or too rigorous after a full day of classroom instruction.  If the parent has been involved with the student’s homework, it is recommended that a note be written to the teacher explaining the difficulty. 

When students graduate from Edison in 8th grade, which schools do they usually attend for high school?

Edison Academy students transition to public and private high schools. Most of our students are college bound. Edison staff can assist families by providing resources and referrals for families to investigate in order to choose a high school program in the area which best meets their student’s unique needs.


Do REA or Edison Academy accept any behavior-disordered, or emotionally disturbed students?

Our program is not designed to serve students who have behavior or conduct disorders. Additionally, we do not serve students with severe emotional disturbances. Students with aggressive or threatening behaviors are not accepted for admission to the program.

Do REA and Edison students participate in off-campus field trips?

Field trips and community service outings are planned by Edison and Rancho Encinitas teachers to enhance students’ understanding of our community, as well as the topics and units being studied in class.

Do REA and Edison Academy have after-school clubs?

After-school clubs are available for an additional fee. Diverse school clubs such as art, photography, chess, drama, science and physical education are offered during the school session. Also, during off-track times, students can choose from clubs which offer varying themes.

Do REA and Edison have any after school programs?

After-care services are available on campus until 5:30 PM every day. Fees for these services are not included in the tuition.

What is the REA/Edison dress code?

Students are required to wear solid-color polo shirts with the school logo and solid-color pants. Students may also wear shorts or skirts that are no more than 2” above the knee. REA logo polo shirt or logo PE t-shirt and athletic shoes are required on PE days. Shoes worn to school must be closed toe with a back strap. School clothing with the school logo is available through the school office or online at landsend.com.

Do REA and Edison have summer programs?

Yes, REA and Edison Academy offer academic and recreational summer programs.

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