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Rancho Encinitas Academy and Edison Academy have open enrollment throughout the school year. 

Rancho Encinitas Academy serves students who can thrive in a mainstream academic program with a supportive personalized approach. Students with dyslexia, math difficulties, language-based disorders, social anxiety, difficulties in fine-motor skills, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder are well suited for the Edison program.  Admission to either program is based on a review of school records and classroom visit days.  Students are observed during their visit days to assess their academic abilities, as well as their peer interactions. Observations by the teachers, teacher assistants, and school directors are considered prior to admission.  Informal assessments conducted by the teachers help to determine the appropriate placement for each student who enters are program. Upon visiting the school for the first time, parents are encouraged to share report cards, IEPs, 504 plans, and other outside testing that is relevant to the student’s educational needs. These materials are for educational placement only, and will not be shared with other professionals unless the parent gives permission in writing to do so.  At the end of the school day, the teacher will go over her observations of the student. Parents will be informed of our decision to admit the student.

Rancho Encinitas Academy and Edison Academy charge a yearly tuition that is comparable with other similar private school programs in San Diego County. Enrolled families can participate in the FACTS Tuition Management program. For an annual per family fee of $41, the FACTS service will deduct your tuition (minus down payment) directly from your bank account in monthly installments. FACTS Tuition Management program also accepts credit card payments for an additional processing fee. Parents participating in the FACTS program may check the status of their account on the web.

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