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  1. BulletTeaching methodologies that engage students

  2. BulletQuality child-centered approach to learning

  3. BulletResearch based curriculum and educational strategies

  4. BulletCurriculum aligned with the Common Core Standard recommendations

  5. BulletA nurturing, safe, and inspiring environment

  6. BulletEnthusiastic, creative, and highly qualified teachers and teaching assistants

  7. BulletSmall class sizes

  8. BulletFrequent parent communication regarding student progress

  9. BulletArt and music instruction

  10. BulletPhysical education and yoga

  11. BulletAfter school care and tutoring

  12. BulletAfter school clubs such as; Science, Music, Photography, Chess, Hiking, Theater and Art

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Edison Academy
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Rancho Encinitas AcademyREA_EA____home___.html

What we provide:

  1. BulletA quality education that prepares students to be life-long learners

  2. BulletDifferentiated instruction that helps students be successful in a mainstream classroom

  3. BulletChild-centered learning experiences that emphasize the process of learning

  4. BulletHands-on learning experiences that provide students with a strong educational foundation

  5. Bullet10 to 1 student-to-teacher ratio

  6. BulletSpanish class in addition to art, music, yoga and PE

Rancho Encinitas Academy is private school that serves students from Pre K through 8th grade. The mission of the school is to nurture each student’s natural wonder and joy of learning. This process is facilitated by a positive, relaxed atmosphere combined with the guidance of highly skilled, caring and creative teachers. Quality education at the school prepares students with real life skills necessary for the challenges of the future by fostering knowledge, creativity and self-reliance. The school strives to provide a child-centered education that emphasizes the process of learning while building a strong academic foundation.

Students at Rancho Encinitas Academy receive a strong educational foundation which aligns with the Common Core Curriculum recommendations. The Core Curriculum standards are woven into varied, thematic units by each teacher. Learning takes place in a multi-modal setting, using the visual and auditory modalities accompanied by the kinesthetic modality which involves hands-on learning. Field trips, which facilitate reinforcement of the curriculum and concepts being presented, often accompany the thematic unit being studied. Creative learning projects are developed and implemented in the classroom. Students are provided with strategies and skills to successfully complete assignments and projects. Technology is routinely integrated into the curriculum.  The classrooms are equipped with computers and most have interactive whiteboards to make learning a dynamic and stimulating process. The classes also enjoy weekly elective classes taught by specialists in music, art, physical education and Spanish.  Weekly yoga classes are available to students in pre-kindergarten through fourth grade. The school participates in several community outreach programs that instill in students the importance of giving back and being actively involved in their community. The middle school participates in various service learning projects that align with the Common Core Curriculum. The overall goal of REA is to make learning a positive experience so that the student is encouraged to be a life-long learner.

Rancho Encinitas Academy also strives to promote good citizenship and character building. Students learn conflict resolution and problem solving skills in the context of class meetings with the agendas set cooperatively by students and teachers. To encourage responsibility, students participate in jobs around campus on a daily basis.

Rancho Encinitas Academy uses a reporting system that keeps parents informed regularly of student's performance. From Grade 3 through Grade 8, weekly reports are sent home with information about the student's achievements and behavior.  Conference periods are routinely scheduled in the fall and spring. Report cards are issued three times per year and teachers are available via email and phone conferences whenever necessary.

What we provide:

  1. BulletA personalized approach to instruction for students who learn differently

  2. Bullet7.5 to 1 student-to-teacher ratio

  3. BulletSpecialized Academic Instruction (SAI) tailored to students’ individual needs

  4. BulletPacing and accommodations that ensure our students experience academic success

  5. BulletResearch-based educational strategies and programs

  6. BulletArt, Music, and Physical Fitness instruction with REA peers

  7. BulletStrategies for learning, executive functioning, self-advocacy, and social skills

Edison Academy provides specialized academic instruction to students with mild to moderate learning challenges that is aligned with Common Core Curriculum recommendations. One of the goals of the Edison Academy is to create a love of learning. Another goal of the program is to empower each student to be successful when facing future academic challenges. Edison Academy emphasizes accountability, responsibility, independence, and kindness. Our mission is to halt the downward spiral that occurs when students are not academically successful.  The school within a school serves students in grades 3 through 8. Research based instruction in reading, writing, and math is individualized, or delivered in small groups, to accommodate the personal academic needs of each student.  Learning at Edison Academy is enhanced through technology. Each classroom is equipped with an interactive white board and computers, which are integrated into the school curriculum throughout the day.

Edison Academy students are taught strategies and skills aimed at maximizing their learning potential. Students are taught how to manage their time effectively, set personal goals, organize and prioritize, focus attention to task, shift focus, and self-regulate. Many of our students qualified for Individual Education Plans or 504 plans in public schools, yet failed to make academic gains due to large class sizes, lack of individual attention, and/or curriculum pacing that was not conducive to their learning styles or abilities. At Edison Academy, we pride ourselves on assisting students to realize their educational potential, so that their self-esteem and confidence are restored.

Edison Academy teachers use research-based, multi-faceted approaches to planning lessons, projects and units of instruction. Our teachers believe that students with learning challenges such as processing disorders, speech and language delays, dyslexia, dysgraphia, and attention deficit disorders can be academically successful if they are taught using the appropriate methods and materials.  At Edison Academy, students with learning difficulties benefit from instruction that is individualized and paced to accommodate different rates of learning.  Academic skills are reinforced through the use of strategies that enable the student to learn the process by which a task may be successfully accomplished. Learning how to learn, how to prepare for and take tests, how to enhance memory proficiency, how to work cooperatively, how to self-advocate, and how to problem solve are some of the skills that are taught and practiced on a daily basis in Edison Academy classrooms.

Edison Academy strives to promote good citizenship and character building. Students learn conflict resolution and problem solving skills in the context of class meetings with the agendas set cooperatively by students and teachers. To encourage responsibility, students take part in daily jobs around campus. Students at the Edison Academy learn that they are responsible for their own work and behavior. Parents receive a weekly report to inform them of student behavior and learning. There are conferences three times a year; in the fall, spring and at the end of the academic year. 

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